Our goals

At 3ROPE, we believe that a person’s most important needs should be met first. We also believe that the Bible contains an instruction manual for every individual; and according to that manual, man’s paramount need is to amend his relationship with God. We have taken our main statement of purpose and broken it down into many smaller goals providing us with a framework for realizing the following initiatives:
  • organizing and supporting camps for children, youth, the elderly and for the handicapped as well,
  • organizing and ensuring financial and material aid for families in need, for individuals facing difficult life situations, as well as for institutions upholding a statement of purpose similar to that of the Foundation’s,
  • organizing, financing/co-financing training seminars (in Poland as well in other countries) for individauls and families in difficult life situations,
  • handing out matierals to advertise the Foundation’s various activities,
  • handing out training materials for families and individuals under the Foundation’s care as well as for institutions upholding a statement of purpose similar to that of 3Rope’s.
  • leading educational/training sessions as well as establishing a place for providing these sessions,
  • organizing educational sporting events for children and youth,
  • organizing sport competitions, shows, teams and camps,
  • cooperating with local as well as foreign establishments upholding goals similar to those of the Foundation,
  • organizing, financing/co-financing conferences, seminars, and outings aimed at accomplishing the charter goals of the Foundation,
  • administering financial support for the creation and management of Christian centers and shelters—of the which will include Christian hostels,
  • assisting financially and organizationally to provide technical training for an individual in need,
  • cooperating with national and local institutions, and non-profiot social organizations acting in agreement with the Foundation’s statement of purpose and goals,
A complete list of our charter goals may be found in the Foundation’s Statutes (in Polish).