Our projects

The majority of future-shaping decisions that we face in life are made in our youth. Normally at a young age we decide who our spouse will be, we choose our direction of study, and we make plans for the type of career we wish to pursue. The majority of today’s Christians came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior at a young age. At 3Rope we want to concentrate our efforts on reaching as many children and teens as possible with the good news of the gospel. Youth, afterall, is a time for making life-altering decisions. Their future in this life and the next depends on which way they decide to go today.


The first project for children that has gotten started is our monthly “kids fun night.” We have already had our first session and our initiation into the world of child care. 
The idea grew out of a need. Parents from our church like to occasionally take a “break” from their kids, go out on a date, eat out, go downtown… So we chose one friday evening in the month to organize “kids fun night.” There were games, a ton of laughs and great memories. We plan to continue this monthly fun night throughout the school year.


In Krakow, as in many other cities, there are a lot of teenagers for whom, for one reason or another, going to summer camp is an unlikely prospect. While their peers get to spend vacation outside of the city, they stay home and try to find some way to fight boredom. 
Our day-camp initiative was created above all with them in mind. We organize sport activities, games and fun and then afterwards share with them what God has done in our lives and what He would like to do in theirs.


Dormitory 3ROPE

The number of Christian students who come to study in Krakow is growing from year to year. For many, it is their first step toward living on their own. The majority of their time will now be spent away from home and financial strains can restrict many of them from being able to visit family often.
That’s how the idea for “Dormitory 3ROPE” came into being – a place where we can house a dozen or so students. They may be far from home but they will be able to live with other Christians and be part of a local church family.

Bible Study “Rudiments of Faith”

There is no assurance that a building will stand straight and firm if at first its foundation is not laid properly. The lack of a solid foundation is the frequent cause of defeat and frustration in the life of every Christian. In an attempt to address this need we have compiled an interesting thematic study that we use in our weekly Bible study. Our goal is to equip each present student with the tools needed to lead this study for new members in the future.